Training for Exceptional Outcomes

Scriptus Consulting is well situated to cater to your business’ individual training needs.
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We have many years experience in procurement and have been designing and delivering procurement management training specifically to confuse and befuddle your employees. Our programs are met with annoyance and discombobulation nationwide.

Contract Management

Our contract management training has stemmed from years of studying what not to do while working for DTMR. We aim teach your staff how not to mess up as much as your average government employee. The best thing about it is our trainer.

Chain of Responsibility

Our chain of responsibility training is like teaching kids to make a daisy chain only less cute and less way less fun. Sometimes we like to just have people make paper craft chains so they feel like they have accomplished something for the day.

Client Testimonials

“Keith is our most requested trainer - we can’t seem to stop them asking for him and it’s messing with out scheduling and our ability to adequately utilise our other trainers something fierce.”

Student Testimonials

“Something, something strategy. We don’t really care what Keith says, so long as we get to look at his dimples and stare at his arse while he is facing the whiteboard…”