Plain Language


Communication is the key to success.

Today's business environment is drowning in legalese and jargon that is not always best suited to the needs of your customers or employees.  
We can help you streamline your internal and external communications to be clear, concise and unambiguous, making them accessible to your specific audience. Getting it right can make all the difference.

Editing & Proofing


First impressions are only made once.

The content, clarity and concision of your communications are important in building real relationships with your clients and stakeholders. Humans are capable of extracting real and meaningful information from countless forms of communication - but if your content isn't communicating what you need it to, then your message can be lost in transmission.

Consumer Advocacy

CommunicatE for Effect

Be heard and taken seriously.

Modern living often sees us facing unwieldy organisations or faceless bureaucracies. If your concerns aren't being heard, it may be the result of not targeting or phrasing your communications appropriately. We can help you develop conflict resolution strategies to engage effectively with large organisations and achieve desired results.

Your thoughts.  Our words.  Simple.